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Home inspection companies provide various packages tailored to clients’ specific property assessment needs. Below are details of some available services.

Our Exclusive  Be Informed Inspections Package offers the most comprehensive examination, ensuring exceptional value. By choosing this package, you receive the most thorough inspection and save $199— a 50% discount! Considering the substantial investment in purchasing a new home, opting for the highest level of protection is a prudent decision.

Here’s what you get:

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✓ Home Inspection A home inspection is a thorough assessment conducted by a qualified inspector to evaluate the condition of a residential property, typically before it is bought or sold. The inspector examines the home’s structural integrity, major systems, and components to identify any existing or potential issues. Key areas of inspection include the roof, foundation, HVAC system, plumbing, electrical systems, and interior and exterior conditions. The process is designed to provide buyers, sellers, and homeowners with a detailed report that outlines the health and safety of the building, helping them make informed decisions and negotiate repairs or improvements.

✓ Sewer Scope Inspection A Sewer Scope Inspection is a specialized procedure used to examine the condition of a property’s sewer line and underground piping system. This inspection involves using a high-definition camera inserted into the sewer line through a cleanout or other access point. The camera travels through the line, providing real-time video feedback that allows the inspector to identify any blockages, breaks, tree root intrusions, or other issues that could cause backups or damage to the property. The results of this inspection are crucial for homeowners to understand the state of their sewer system, potentially saving them from costly repairs and complications in the future. This service is especially recommended for older homes or properties with mature trees nearby, where root intrusion is more likely.

✓ Foundation Elevation – measuring the various heights and angles of a building’s foundation to ensure it is level and structurally sound. This assessment is crucial in identifying potential issues, such as settling or shifting of the foundation, which can lead to significant structural damage over time. The elevation measurements are typically conducted using specialized tools and techniques, such as laser levels or differential leveling, to provide a detailed analysis of the foundation’s condition. This data helps in planning any necessary corrective actions, such as underpinning or leveling, to maintain the integrity and safety of the building.

✓ Thermal Imaging – Thermal imaging is a technique that uses infrared cameras to capture the heat distribution of an object or area, visually representing temperature variations in different colors. This technology is invaluable in many fields, such as building inspections, where it helps detect issues not visible to the naked eye. In-home inspections and thermal imaging can identify areas of heat loss, moisture intrusion, electrical hot spots, and insufficient insulation. By highlighting these thermal anomalies, inspectors can pinpoint potential problems, such as water leaks, structural defects, or electrical hazards. This non-invasive method provides a clear, visual assessment, enabling homeowners to understand and address issues efficiently, enhancing the property’s safety, energy efficiency, and overall condition.

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Our packages consist of individual services that, if purchased separately, would be significantly more expensive. By bundling these services, we can offer them substantially lower prices, resulting in greater savings for you! Our Be Informed Inspections Package represents the best value, providing unparalleled protection for your family and investment.

Michael was punctual, thorough, and willing to go the extra mile. When our original appointment happened to be during heavy rain, Michael suggested a different day so that he could do a full inspection. After he went through everything, he walked me through the items he had identified and answered all of our questions. We received the completed report later that same day. I have already referred him to our neighbors. – James Kirchmann

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Be Informed Inspections | Dallas-Fort Worth Home InspectionsLocated in the heart of Texas, Dallas is a vibrant city with a booming economy and plenty of property options for those looking for a big city feel with great food, diverse culture, and convenient locations. Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Dallas, the professionals at Be Informed Inspections are here to help you make informed buying decisions.

Since 2006, we’ve been providing a range of inspection services to clients in Dallas, including buyer inspections, pre-listing inspections, and new construction inspections. Our top priority is always the best interests of our clients, and we strive to deliver the highest level of professionalism and service. Our home inspectors are trained and highly skilled, and they will provide you with an on-site oral report and a comprehensive narrative report with high-definition photos within 24 hours of the inspection.

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