ABOUT US |Be Informed Inspections | Dallas Home InspectionsMy name is Mark Willis,
Owner of Be Informed Inspections.

I have known inspectors Michael Vacha and Michael Mahagan for over ten years. Be Informed Inspections had been serving the greater D/FW Metroplex since 2006. We are not a company with a high turnover of new employees. Our home inspectors Dallas have professional licenses and certifications, and they work hard to give you the most thorough inspection possible.

We use the latest technology available.

Infrared Cameras, Zip foundation levels, moisture meters, gas detectors, and electrical circuit analyzers are some of the tools to mention. If your inspector is not utilizing these types of tools it could cost you thousands after you move in.

I HIGHLY recommend working with Be Informed Inspections. We just completed our 11-month warranty. They did an excellent job finding several things throughout the house that I would have never caught, even after living in the year for a year. Michael was very professional, easy to talk to, and very efficient. I was amazed that he was able to get so much done in just a short period of time. I price-shopped around the DFW area a lot and the price was less expensive than several of the other comparable inspectors in terms of services provided (flooring elevation map, thermal imaging, etc.) Trust me, if you’re in Texas (or at least the Denton area where we live) you WILL want the elevation map. They didn’t have a ton of reviews on google, so I was nervous. But I’m very glad we went with them. I would highly recommend working with them! –

Adam Jones


Know Before You Buy. We measure every foundation we inspect, complete with an elevation map to give you a baseline of where the foundation sits so you can monitor any movement in the future. We have been using thermal imaging since 2009, which we use for every inspection we perform at no charge. This allows us to see what is going on behind the sheetrock. We can locate missing insulation, water penetration, mold/mildew, overheated electrical wiring, fixtures, etc. It is not x-raying vision but it gives a visual image of what’s going on behind the walls. If we see anything that looks like moisture, then we use moisture meters and other tools to verify what we are looking at.

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More than just a business and trading center and its blazing economy, Dallas, TX certainly has plenty of property options if you are into a big city feel with great food, diverse culture, and perhaps a residential location that’s close to your workplace.

When buying or selling a home in Dallas, TX, you’d know the “Big D” is right for you when you hire professionals from Be Informed Inspections, LLC

Since 2006, Be Informed Inspections, LLC has been helping numerous clients making informed decisions whether it be a buyer inspection, pre-listing inspection, or new construction inspection, among other services. It is our commitment and goal to always prioritize our clients’ best interests.

Our home inspectors are trained and highly skilled. Their professionalism is second to none. An on-site oral report and a comprehensive narrative report with high-definition photos will be delivered to you within 24 hours after the inspection.

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