Michael Mahagan

Michael Mahagan Inspector

Hello, my name is Michael Mahagan. A native Texan, my primary background is rooted in complete customer service as a retail manager for the majority of my professional career. I began my training and became licensed as a professional home inspector back in 2016 due to my interest in the booming Texas housing market and the new inspection and construction technologies available.

My goal is to inspect each individual property thoroughly and educate clients about their purchase, as well as to provide an easy-to-read report that the average Joe can easily understand. My background in service allows me to easily communicate to both clients and construction, and to make the inspection process as smooth as it can be.

I have received the majority of my day-to-day training under Mark Willis and have an opportunity to communicate to our entire team daily, giving you the experience and insight that your property deserves. I look forward to becoming the inspector you can count on and call on, whenever you need to Be Informed.