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We understand that a home purchase is a huge financial investment. Here at Be Informed Inspections, LLC, we don’t just look around but walk you through all the details that you need to know. We can’t afford to let you down. Investing in a home is worth all your money but don’t worry because you don’t have to go through this alone. Let this premier Dallas, TX home inspection team help you make an informed decision before you go dropping that huge chunk of hard-earned money for this long-term investment of yours.

Our licensed home inspectors spend 3 to 4 hours of carefully examining the property. The length and cost of a home inspection can vary depending on the location, size, and age of the home. Within 24 hours following the inspection, you will receive a detailed, full-color, narrative report.

“What will a home inspection tell me? Do I need it or is it even worth it?” Those are among the many questions that surround the idea of a home inspection. Us at Be Informed Inspections, LLC will guarantee that IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT AND YES, IT IS HIGHLY NEEDED.

Remember, a home inspection is not a pass/fail examination. Our Dallas, TX home inspectors want you to know what’s inspected during a home inspection. Below are the elements that we take a look at:

  1. Foundation – Foundation Materials, Flooring, Supporting Members, Stairways, Water Penetration, Area Ventilation & Drainage. Our licensed home inspector will also look for cracks, shifts and water leaks or accumulation.
  2. Basement – termite infestation is pretty common in this area and is also the least maintained part of the house. A water leak that leads to mold growth is also one of the main problems in this area.
  3. Interior – Ceilings, Walls, Floors, Closets, Electrical Outlets, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, Counters & Exhaust and other parts inside the house.
  4. Exterior – Foundation, Roof, Flashing, Chimney, Downspouts, Gutters, Siding, Trim, Windows, Doors, Stairs, Decks & Patios, Grading, Drainage
  5. Plumbing System – Bath & Kitchen Fixtures, Vents, Water Flow & Shutoff Valves. Our home inspector will check for proper installation of plumbing systems. This includes the hot and cold, water pressure, sinks, toilets and other items that require the use of water.
  6. Electrical Systems – Service Entry, Type, Rating of Overload Protection, Grounding, Bonding, Distribution Panel, Circuits, Outlets, Fixtures, Conductor Materials & Branch Systems. Faulty electrical wirings and poor installation might pose a safety risk. Our home inspectors are sure to find that.
  7. Walkways and Driveways – The quality of walkways and proper grading of drainage can create a huge impact on the property.
  8. Garage or Carport – Overhead Doors, Safety Controls & Fire Protection Materials
  9. Heating and Ventilation – Equipment, Energy Source, Zones, Safety Controls, Ductwork/ Piping
  10. Air Conditioning – Equipment, Zones, Ductwork
  11. Domestic Water Heater – Equipment, Capacity, Energy Source & Safety Controls
  12. Attic – Insulation, Ventilation, Framing, Water Penetration, Accessibility & Storage
  13. Roofing – our home inspectors will check for any missing shingles, damaged flashing and any other roof problems that can affect the structural integrity of the roof.

A home inspection may not be mandatory and can be an additional expense on top of mortgage fees, closing costs and other real-estate related expenses. But, the advantages of having one is far more than the cost it would take today.

Be Informed Inspections | Dallas-Fort Worth Home InspectionsBe Informed Inspections | Let this experienced Dallas Texas Home Inspection company help keep you from buying The Money Pit. We’ll alert you to health or safety issues and maintenance needs of the home you’re looking to buy.

Be Informed Inspections will be your home buying or selling advocate! We are committed to providing you with outstanding service. We’re highly experienced and extremely thorough, yet have excellent communications skills to be able to put the entire house into perspective for you. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the Dallas Texas and Fort Worth area, we can help!

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